Undergraduate study in Germany for Indian students

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Introduction for Undergraduate study in Germany for Indian students

Undergraduate study in Germany for Indian students is a subject that has been one of the most talked-about among the student community in India. 

Most Indian students who wish to study abroad are not aware of the opportunities to pursue a bachelor’s degree in Germany!

Let us look at the vast opportunity to pursue an undergraduate study in Germany for Indian students. This information is for those at their higher secondary school education or completed and wishing to pursue their higher education abroad.

The undergraduate study in Germany for Indian students is different from that in India and other countries.

There are three types of undergraduate study in Germany for Indian students, which applies to international students in general. 

The three types of programs offered to school leavers in Germany are;

  1. Bachelor’s degree studies that include B.E., BSc, and B.A.

  2. Studies for a Diploma – a unique and traditional qualification that is considered above the level of a bachelor’s degree and sometimes equal to a Master’s degree

  3. State accredited vocational qualification – Accepted by employers all over Germany and across Europe. 

Indian students who have completed their national school qualification of 10,+2 grade can apply for an undergraduate study in Germany for a degree or diploma through a studienkolleg route.

But if you apply after completing an academic year in a college/university in your home country, you will qualify to study for an undergraduate degree or diploma in Germany directly; without attending a foundation programme, 

High school leavers with international school qualifications like an I.B. Diploma or A-Levels also can apply for an undergraduate degree or diploma programme in Germany directly, without attending a studienkolleg.

The duration of an undergraduate study in Germany for Indian students

The undergraduate study in Germany for Indians and other citizens takes 6 to 7 semesters (3 to 3.5 years), depending on the program. 

Whereas to complete a diploma course in a German university takes eight semesters or 4years.

One can complete an undergraduate study in the said duration provided;

  •  they have completed their high school diploma/A levels 

  • 12th grade completed national qualification plus one-year college/university experience ( at least two consecutive semester’s pass mark sheets must be submitted as evidence). 

But those with the 12th-grade school qualification from a state or central board will start attending a Foundation Year course before starting the degree or Diploma course in a German university. 

That will add one more year to the above-said duration to complete a degree or Diploma in Germany.

The undergraduate study in Germany for Indian students and the medium of instruction.

Germany is exceptional on this planet earth for its achievements and a worldwide reputation for advancements in technology, engineering, and medicine. But Germany’s pride and passion for their language, German, is also well known to the world! 

Most Germans like to speak only in German until it’s unavoidable. German universities offer more than twenty thousand courses, and only 10-15% of them are taught in English or French.

Indian school leavers start enquiring only for English medium courses. 

Suppose they know better about Germany and the benefits of learning German and reading the study in German. Immediately they change their mind and adapt themselves to the idea of pursuing a bachelor’s degree in German medium and start attending a German Language course.

Those who complete their Bachelor’s degree level studies in German medium in Germany stand qualified for a job immediately after completing the course. 

The undergraduate study in Germany for Indian students in the medium of English

The undergraduate study in Germany for Indian students in the medium is still possible but limited only for some courses.

International students from India can study some engineering and technical programmes in English in some German public universities.

A couple of studienkollegs teach the foundation course for further studies in English at a university for a bachelor’s degree. 

Many business and management programmes are offered at various private universities in the medium of English. 

Sometimes, some universities accept International students directly, without any foundation course or through a six-month preparatory programme depending on their current and previous qualifications.

Direct undergraduate study in Germany for Indian students 

Direct undergraduate study in Germany for Indian students is possible in very few subjects. Its request matters and, therefore, is not easy to make. 

As mentioned above, the other option is to apply after completing at least the first year of a Bachelor’s degree study in a college or university in your home country. 

One should provide evidence for meeting the said period of studies through available mark cards/sheets with a minimum of 50% pass marks. 

Should provide two consecutive semester mark cards issued by the concerned university.

Benefits of undergraduate study in Germany for Indian students

Advantages of studying in Germany

  • German public universities offer free education in Germany for Indian Students and other international students.

  • A Student visa for Germany from Indian students is a straightforward and hassle-free matter. 

  • No bank statements and I.T. returns are required to prove the funds in position except the blocked account confirmation.

  • Jobs in Germany for Indians are plentiful. One should have the required job skill set, communication, and other soft skills for a job.

  • One can pursue Masters in Germany free of cost in a public university. 

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