Ausbildung Culinary Arts in Germany

How to become a Chef in Germany through Ausbildung Culinary Arts

Ausbildung Culinary Arts in Germany are the most effective pathway programme to becoming a Chef.

Chef is one of the most demanding occupations everywhere; many have become celebrities nowadays and internationally famous successful entrepreneurs. 

How to become a Chef in Germany through Ausbildung Culinary Arts

How is the Ausbildung Culinary Arts programme offered in Germany?

Like any other Ausbildung programme, Ausbildung Culinary Arts is also offered as apprenticeship training in Germany. 

You may also call it a vocational training programme.

The leading programme provider for Ausbildung Culinary Arts is independent restaurants and restaurants operated within hotels. 

The trainees are offered work placements in restaurants for 70% of the entire duration of the programme. 

The remaining 30% is for classroom training at an associate training institution or in the training centre of the restaurant or hotel if they have one.

The cost of the Ausbildung Culinary Arts programme in Germany

Ausbildung Culinary Arts programme in Germany is a free-of-cost training programme; both providers charge no tuition fees. 

Since both work placements and classroom teachings are offered simultaneously, the trainees receive a monthly stipend for all three years of the programme. 

benefits after the Ausbildung Culinary Arts studies

The stipend is good enough to take care of the cost of living of the trainees, and no blocked account is required to apply for a visa or meet the cost of living. 

Opportunities for Chef in Germany and other immigration benefits after the Ausbildung Culinary Arts studies

Getting an attendee trained and making them skilled Chefs is the primary aim of the Ausbildung Culinary Arts; the trainees graduate employable or job-ready Chefs.

The primary programme provider, the restaurant, looks forward to the graduated Chef working for them as the basic idea and expectation. But at the same time, they can choose to look for other opportunities as per the current law in Germany. 

Chefs are in great demand, and getting placed is simple. 

German immigration is friendly now, transparent and straightforward for qualified non-EU citizens who wish to stay longer under a permanent resident permit. 

Those who work for at least two years after graduating from an Ausbildung programme qualify to apply for a P.R. in Germany. 

The cost of the Ausbildung Culinary Arts programme in Germany

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13 thoughts on “Ausbildung Culinary Arts in Germany”

  1. Hi… I’m from Pakistan and looking for bachelor’s degree in culinary for my daughter. Would appreciate if you can walk me through the process how to apply and fee structure, scholarship. Also is the teaching medium English?

    1. Hi,
      There are two ways to study an undergraduate¬†culinary arts programme in Germany;1. Bachelor’s degree of three years in a public university for free – no tuition fees charged. If your daughter has yet to study an international curriculum like Cambridge or an American high school, she must attend a foundation year course at a Studienkolleg in Germany.
      Suppose you want the foundation programme and language learning in one year and at an institution that takes care of her during this one year. In that case, I suggest an all-in-one package that covers tuition fees, furnished hotel accommodation, monthly food allowance, health insurance, all study materials, and exam fees for the one-year program.
      It costs 25,200.EUR. This includes the blocked account.
      Studying in English is possible in a private university where she has to pay tuition fees starting with the foundation course and the entire three years degree course.
      The only and most preferred economic route is a vocational course where the student needs to learn the German language at home and achieve B2-level communication skills. 
      The vocational programme called Ausbildung in culinary arts doesn’t attract tuition fees, whereas the company provides¬†a monthly stipend to the attendee for the entire duration.¬†
      No blocked account require here while applying for a visa. 
      I charge 1000.EUR to provide my services that starts helping with the application,. look for the programme providers and apply for the applicants.
      Hope it helps.

      Kindest regards

      K C Raj

  2. Rohit unnikrishnan


    1. Dear Rohit,

      If you wish to study for a master’s degree in hotel management or culinary arts at a private university in Germany is available in English. Still, to study for free in public universities, the course is offered in German.

      That will help you as you can apply for a job once you know German. You may also consider applying for a direct job after working a couple of years in the relevant field and at least B1-level communication skills in German.

  3. My son is interested to study for culinary arts. He will be 18 in this October, completed his higher secondary level in our home country malaysia. What are options for him to study in Germany?

    1. Hello, he can train through a culinary arts apprenticeship programme in Germany that doesn’t attract any tuition fees at the same time the attendees will get a monthly stipend every month.

  4. Hello, my name is Keonte Davis. I live in the USA but am looking for an culinary apprenticeship in Berlin, Germany. My goal is to be a chef and I’ve had restaurant experience for five years. I can speak German, but only at B1 level. I have a lot of work experience. What steps do I need to take to apply and be accepted.

  5. Naita Chamberlain

    Good day

    I am currently looking to do a career change to the culinary arts. I have a degree in architecture but I want to pursue the culinary field. I am from Kingston Jamaica, and I do not have a lot of money to pursue the field.

    Are there any places I can look at that provide someone in my position a chance to study free of cost and if so, if there an age limit?

    1. Hello Naita,

      Please scan your qualifications for us for a preliminary assessment.

      An updated CV
      Your degree and high school certificates
      A letter shows your motivation towards culinary arts.

      Kindest regards

      K C Raj

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