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Introduction: Study Abroad Consultants In Qatar

Even before we start with study abroad consultants in Qatar, let us see the trend in Qatar!

World Cup 2022 seems to be too close! The country transitioning to a knowledge-based economy from oil and gas is also on the world map of international sports and games! 

One of the most prominent middle east countries of expatriates, Qatar is home to highly qualified skilled and unskilled workers from almost all countries worldwide. 

Here too, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Srilanka, Nepal and other subcontinent countries represent the more. 

It doesn’t mean that others have less importance. The expatriate community worldwide has contributed to the overall development of their host country equally or one or the other way. 

Sacrifices of leaving their dear and near back home and adopting the only objective of hard work made them real heroes, at least for their families back at their home countries!

Study abroad consultants in Qatar and the expatriate children in Qatar

The expatriate children in Qatar wonder what’s after their 12th-grade school education? How the study abroad consultants in Qatar can help them?

Not many colleges and universities in Qatar offer higher education like they have in their home country.

Expatriate family’s children, especially high school leavers, have two options left in front of them. 

  1. Return to their home country and continue with their further studies.
  2. Go ahead and look for various opportunities available in the top-rated countries for higher and further education.

It doesn’t mean that Qatar doesn’t have better higher education opportunities. 

The education city in Qatar hosts Weill Cornell Medical College, Carnegie Mellon School of Computer Science, George Town university school of foreign service, Northwestern’s Medill School of Journalism, Texas A&M’s school of engineering, Virginia commonwealth university school of the arts and other western institutions. 

Qatar University, founded in 1973, is the oldest in Qatar and the top ranking in the country.

What do study abroad consultants offer to the students in Qatar who aspire to study overseas

Expatriate children in Qatar and the study abroad consultants in Qatar

Qatar has its educational institutions offering many courses to its students, as mentioned above. Qatar spends a lot of money on the overall development of the education system in Qatar. 

But the expatriate children’s perspective is different and global. They are internet savvy, addicted to technology, looking forward to becoming global citizens, and living with success stories. 

They know their parents have been working hard like ants- never thought even about taking rest until their children and family are settled well! They want their children to do very well in their life. They know that better education, exposure, and experience can only lead their children to achieve their goals.

What do study abroad consultants in Qatar have to offer to the youngster aspiring to study overseas?

Study Abroad Consultants in Qatar should be open while working with the students who approach the consultants for their services. 

The consultants should listen to them carefully, show patience, and empathise with the young who are always dreaming big and new!

They should provide better services, guide them according to the students’ interest and plan to pursue a degree in a foreign country with utmost international standards.

The consultants should not simply try selling the college’s programmes they represent.



KCR CONSULTANTS, a study abroad consultant whom students from Qatar can rely on their overseas education requirements!

Many study abroad consultants offer their services to students in Qatar. Still, KCR CONSULTANTS has already created its reputation among the expatriate students and parents who have availed our services and are happy about it. 

For the parents and students in Qatar, KCR CONSULTANTS’ dedicated counsellors are just a click or phone away. 

KCR CONSULTANTS and their Brilliant Associates have created their reputation through dedicated services to Qatar’s students and parents community.

With our complete and unconditional services, we serve the youngsters without compromising the quality of services.

The ultimate aim, at last, is to help the youngsters in their effort in achieving their dream!

KCR CONSULTANTS as a study abroad consultant for students in Qatar to pursue a degree in Germany!

For the last three years, we have been assisting students in Qatar and their families in understanding the study opportunities in Germany. 

We start discussing the opportunities available generally in the countries famous for higher education, followed by multiple meetings and discussions!

Online face to face meetings made it accessible for all to sit anywhere and communicate as like sitting across the table and in the same room.

The opportunities available to study in Germany is a hidden “gem”. Many are not failing to notice it, maybe in a hurry, and due to the busy life, we follow.

Maybe Germany is not famous like other countries. 

Maybe the other famous countries use all the marketing ways to promote and sell their expertise in offering higher education. Germany does not do that as the government believes education is invaluable! 

So they don’t sell it; instead, they invite youngsters to come and learn from the masters and progress in their life and career. 

Most German public universities don’t charge a tuition fee. One gets Free Education in Germany irrespective of nationality, race and colour. 

Germany is not just for a work permit or PR. Instead, Germany is for learning wisely at its universities and graduate employable and knowledgeable. 

Germany is technically advanced, has a strong economy, a thriving job market, and a transparent, accessible, and expatriate-friendly immigration system. 

Once in Germany, study free, work, and apply for a PR to live in Europe!

KCR CONSULTANTS assist high school leavers in Qatar to study in one of the public universities to graduate qualified as a global citizen!

We prepare students from Qatar to study in a world-class public university in Germany.

KCR CONSULTANTS as a study abroad consultant for students in Qatar

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