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College education should be experiential, and that’s the most important factor of studying in a foreign country. See the world, live and learn in a multicultural & multilingual society, and make new friends & contacts that lasts for long.


Why should you study abroad?

Thousands of students across the world travel every year to study in a foreign country for a semester, a diploma, a basic degree, a top-up degree, Master’s degree or a PhD programme.

Irrespective of the length, level and subject of the course, studying in a foreign country is an invaluable opportunity and experience as, overseas education is not limited to classroom studies and on campus life.

Engineering and Technical courses

USA and the UK tops all other popular study abroad countries for technical and Engineering studies. The top ranking 5 universities in this category are still from USA and the UK. But Germany is the dark horse. While Its state funded, 200 Technical Universities offer theory and world class research based education, another 100 University of Applied Sciences use problem solving method of teaching.

Studienkolleg / Foundation Year

Studienkolleg / Foundation Year course in Germany is for those who have completed their school education under the State or central board of the countries like India. They will be accepted on the condition of attending a foundation year course and complete it successfully before the bachelor’s degree programme starts. This is in fact repeating the same 12th grade subjects, but in a German way of learning.

Medical studies Abroad MBBS/MD in English

Approximately 1.2 million high school graduates sit the NEET test every year to qualify for a place to study medicine in India. But the total seats available are approximately 70,000 all over the country! Thus the majority, end up in searching for a suitable university abroad. Ukraine, Russia, China, Philippines, Latvia, Poland, Bulgaria, Romania, Czech, Carribean Islands etc are the options available.

Business and Management BBA & MBA

The most popular business programmes, BBA, and MBA are offered in many countries. USA and UK lead in this category as well. Germany, and France are popular in the Europe. Public Universities in Germany offer tuition fees free courses. Germany has an international students friendly approach now. Canada and Singapore are other popular countries for Diploma level courses.


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Whats is the most prioritised programme you have in mind, and which is very close to your heart too? You should enjoy your studies, and you should find it worth enough in helping to achieve your goal which is not just qualifying for a job.

There should not be any reasons to regret after the course, then that’s the top study abroad programme for you.

Career pathway programs

Career pathway programmes prepare the participants to qualify to get licensed in the country where they get trained. This enable them to practice their profession or occupation independently in this country. The participants sometimes need to learn a new language, attend an adaptation training / internship / supervised placement or apprenticeship in the relevant field.

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The most awaited and long due! Foreign educated and non-EU Physiotherapists can now migrate to Germany under the skilled category! Registered in the home country with at least one year post registration work experience in the relevant field makes qualified to apply and start preparing. Start learning German, achieve a minimum level of proficiency in German language, receive a training contract from a German hospital, apply for a visa and arrive in Germany to start a new career and Life!

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There are many reasons why foreign educated doctors from countries like India are getting attracted to Germany for PG specialisation studies. One can choose to specialise in their desired field of medicine or dentistry in German hospitals for sure! No tuition fees for the PG programmes in Germany, instead the attendees earn around EUR. 5,500/month as salaries even while working towards becoming a specialist. The preparatory programme cost is almost nil as international doctors are offered a Government Grant to meet the major part of the cost of the prep. programme!

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Apprenticeship with monthly stipend in germany

German hotels recruit their future employees as apprentices. Higher secondary school graduates (+2 passed) and above or any diploma / degree holders are accepted for the German apprenticeship programme. A three year programme in which students will be working for 2-3 days at the participating hotel and the remaining days of the week spent in the training centre. Apprentices are paid a monthly stipend in Germany for their work.

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work and learn nursing in germany

You can become a nurse in Germany after completing this vocational course called AZUBi Health care / Nursing. An apprenticeship programme of 70% work and 30% study. No tuition fees charged for the entire duration of three years of the course. Students earn a stipend of EUR 800.00 from the first month onwards. 12th passed and above, upto 30 years old can apply.

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Foreign educated nurses are trained in Germany under a German state Government Grant or / and sponsorship of a German hospital in order to prepare them to qualify to get licensed in Germany. Just need to be at B1 level in German to apply, as B2 level is taught simultaneously as part of the sponsored programme. To make it more attractive, the trainees are paid a monthly stipend for the entire duration of the program till they get licensed as a nurse in Germany.

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A 3-year diploma is also considered an acceptable and recognised qualification in Germany now, under the Skilled Immigration Act passed in March, 2020. Work experience for at least one year in the relevant field makes the application more attractive and qualified. A residence visa with full time work rights could be applied for at the nearest consulate in your home country once you have attained a German language proficiency of B1 level, and also received an offer letter & contract from Germany.

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Learn German From Scratch Online

Even if you are at beginner, basic, intermediate or advanced level, our Online Course will help you:

Start learning from the real Masters of German teaching.

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Achieve your Dream IELTS Score

Have you been struggling to crack the IELTS exam? 

Our training course will prepare you for all 4 parts of the IELTS exam: Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking modules. 

Our extensive course is designed and taught by expert teachers who will help you train and excel in all skills and techniques needed to sit for the test, ensuring you understand the structure and assessment of the exam.

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OET - Get the Score You Need Faster

Unlike other English tests, the OET test is meant to check your communication skills in a real healthcare workplace.

And our OET course is designed keeping just that in mind.

With years of experience squeezed out into the course you will get to improve your speaking, writing, listening and reading skills. And on top of that you can get regular guidance from our teachers.



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