Master of Business Administration

Anglia Ruskin University offers a full-time Master of Business Administration course at the Peterborough campus, developed to further reinforce best practice principles in international commerce.

The programme is ideal for middle to senior management level professionals, who wish to take their understanding of business management further.
The aim of the Master of Business Administration course is to combine accepted theoretical and ideological aspects of best business practice with academic process, to enable managers to make more informed decisions about real-life business situations. This is seen as a vital part of modern business, improving the efficiency of employees and their value to the company.
A Master of Business Administration degree is regarded as the premium qualification in modern business.

A Tailor-made MBA

One distinct advantage of this MBA course is the option to complete the final project in a manner suited to the student's ambitions. The classic Dissertation is ideal for more academically inclined students, the Integrated Case Study is aimed at professionals working in the corporate environment while the Business Development Proposal has been specifically designed for emerging entrepreneurs.

 Key Benefits of the MBA Course

Expert Tuition

At the Peterborough campus, students will learn from lecturers who are both highly qualified and experienced in their fields. Staff offer great subject knowledge, they are also friendly, supportive and dedicated to helping students achieve their ambitions.

Excellent Facilities

The Peterborough campus offers excellent facilities which are specially designed to complement, enhance and benefit the student experience.

Impressive Location

The campus is ideally located for Peterborough City Centre and local parkways, making it easily accessible by road and rail; London is less than an hour away by train.
Supportive Environment

Anglia Ruskin University is dedicated to its students and endeavours to do everything in its power to help them succeed. The University has dedicated members of staff to assist with any queries or concerns and aims to provide support at every level.


Management Skills and Innovation

This module looks at ways of fostering entrepreneurial and innovative culture at all levels of an organisation. Main focuses are on small business start-up, creative thinking and employability skills.

Marketing Management

The core of this module examines marketing issues using a series of case studies from a range of industries. The aim is to further develop relevant employability and professional skills.

Financial Analysis and Management

This module addresses the intelligent measurement and evaluation of business performance and risk in developing understanding of the major financial statements of organisations.

Strategic Management

This module explores the rich field of strategic management and how strategic analysis and formulation contribute to an organisation's performance.

Managing Human Capital

Students are introduced to the key concepts and policies underlying HRM in organisations, examining techniques, procedures and systems available to management in order to enhance performance.

Corporate Finance

This module includes a comprehensive introduction to, and understanding and discussion of, the key financial concepts, tools and techniques required by contemporary business managers to effectively take critical financial decisions in today's competitive business environment.
International Business

Students are asked to look at the driving forces in international business, and the interpersonal skills and market knowledge that facilitate informed decision making in a global context.

International Marketing Management

This module explores, models and provides a framework for understanding and analysing strategic marketing processes in diverse organisational types, differing frameworks of operation and international and national/regional contexts.

Research Methodologies

This module aims to develop the ability to effectively carry out small-scale business or management research. The analytical methodology taught on this module is directly related to the skills needed to deliver the course Major Project.

Postgraduate Major Project

The Major Project is a challenging piece of academic study combining the main elements of the taught programme. To further tailor the MBA course to the ambitions of individual participants, students are given the option of three modes of delivery for their Major Project: The Dissertation option allows students to examine in detail a subject of original research in a relevant area of their own interest. The Integrated Case Study requires students to analyse an existing business and management scenario. The Business Development Proposal focuses on all aspects of the creation of a new venture, ultimately concluding in a commercially viable and sustainable SME business plan.

 Course Details

MBA Modules

Semester 1

  • Management Skills and Entrepreneurship
  • Marketing Management
  • Financial Analysis and Management

Semester 2

  • Strategic Management
  • Managing Human Capital

And one option from the following:

  • Corporate Finance
  • International Business
  • International Marketing Management

Semester 3

  • Research Methodologies
  • Postgraduate Major Project
Postgraduate Major Project

As part of the course, students will be required to undertake one of the following methods of study. This is subject to formal approval by their Course Leader:
  • Integrated Case Study; OR
  • Business Development Proposal; OR
  • Dissertation
Total Fee :   £8,950Duration 12 Months


  • A Bachelors degree from a recognised university with a minimum 2:2 (should be equivalent to a UK Bachelors (Hons) degree)
  • At least 2 years post-graduation professional experience
  • Those candidates for whom English is not a first language will be expected to demonstrate a certificated level of proficiency of a score of at least IELTS 6.5 or equivalent.

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