Foreign educated doctors can migrate to Germany with the aim of getting licensed to practice as a Medical Doctor in Germany in Future.

This opportunity could also be used to become a specialist in your interested area of specialization.

You are eligible to apply for the program if you fulfill the following 3 requirements:

• You finished your full medical studies.
• You have already some work experience as a doctor.
• You are registered with the Medical Council in your home country.


Your qualifications will be checked by experts in medical field based in Germany before accepting your application to process. There could be checks and questions with you through Skype to confirm your eligibility to be accepted by a hospital for internships and training in the field of your specialization or as mutually agreed.

The first part of the programme is learning German through an intensive course. While on the German course you will be assisted with registration for the medical language exam at one of the German Medical Councils. It will take around 4 – 5 months to get an appointment for the exam and you will need to present your German B2 or C1 certificate along with the other required documents.

Preparation for medical language exam: You will sit an Entrance exam at the German Medical Council first. If you pass the exam you will get a scholarship, covering the course fees and transportation costs, for a free preparation course for the medical language exam. The course will be twice per week for 2 hours per day and will take around 4 months.

The medical language exam consists of a doctor – patient conversation and a doctor – doctor conversation. The exam can be repeated as often as you want.

If you don’t pass the exam for scholarship then also you will yourself with assistance of the partner medical experts - preparation materials will be provided.

Guaranteed internship in hospital or medical practice (unpaid) for 1 month in the beginning will be provided once the Medical Language examination is passed. The duration of the internship could be extended to 6 months or more - solely depended up on the Hospital’s assessment and or decision.


You will be supported to apply for a professional license once you have passed the Medical language exam, achieved C1 Level in German and obtained an Internship confirmation or a job. Professional license is offered for one year first and that could be extended for one more year.


When applying for the medical license, the doctor will get an invitation from the German medical authority to do the approbation exam that a doctor needs to pass to be licensed to practice independently as a doctor in Germany. In this exam the doctor needs to prove that he / she has the same knowledge of a doctor who did his medical studies in Germany.
With the invitation to the approbation exam, the authorities will also send the question catalogue for the exam, so that the doctor can prepare himself for this exam He can prepare while already working as a doctor on the professional license.
With passing the approbation exam, the doctor can stay in Germany as long as he wishes and practice independently as a doctor.

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