Requirements to Study Medicine in Georgia

Requirements to Study Medicine in Georgia in detail

As you all know, MBBS in Georgia is affordable & offers high-quality medical education forĀ many international students. Still, the most prominent question appears here: What are the requirements for studying MBBS in Georgia?

Educational requirements to study medicine in Georgia

To be eligible to study medicine in Georgia, students must have completed their seniorĀ secondary education or equivalent in at least three science subjects, including Biology,Ā Chemistry, and Physics.

MBBS in Georgia - Apply for 2023 Admission

NEET requirements to study medicine in Georgia

Students must clear the NEET examination to get licensed in Georgia and to practice inĀ India.

Georgia MBBS universities don’t conduct any entrance exams before admittingĀ international students.Ā 

Application requirements to study medicine in Georgia

The application process for studying medicine in Georgia typically involves submitting theĀ following documents:

A completed application formĀ Academic transcripts and certificates from high school and pre-medical studies

A copy of the student’s passportĀ Language proficiency test resultsĀ 

A motivation letter or essayĀ 

Reference lettersĀ 

Medical examination certificate

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Language requirements to study medicine in Georgia

Most medicine programmes in the universities of Georgia are English-taught. Also, it is

much easier for international students to attend lectures and communicate with the

professors and other staff in English.Ā 

Fees requirement to study medicine in Georgia

The annual tuition fees start from 4000 USD, and the tuition fees vary with the differentĀ medical universities.

International students who want to stay on a budget can get a cost of 200 USD, whichĀ covers food and a hostel.

Georgia has a high standard of living; An international student may require 2000 USD toĀ stay on their terms.

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