Pursuing MBBS in English in Germany!

Do you want to pursue MBBS in English in Germany? 

You can now pursue MBBS in English in Germany!

However, if you wish to study MBBS in Germany, it is compulsory that you are fluent in the German language. In almost every public institution, the medium of instruction is German.

But, do you want to pursue MBBS in Germany but do not want to read the entire course in the German language? 

Still, there is an option in Germany that grants your wish to study MBBS in English in Germany. Here you will only be taught in the German language when you visit the hospitals during the clinical studies for practical training that starts from the third year of your medical studies.

This article guides you through the structure of the medical course offered in a medical university, tells you the advantages of pursuing MBBS in English in Germany, and also explains the application procedure, etc. 

So, if you wish to pursue medicine in English in Germany, read on to find out more about this unique opportunity.

Pursuing an English taught medical course in Germany / studying MBBS in English in Germany!

German institutions are a popular choice for higher education for students from all over the world. The high-quality education, infrastructure, and affordable tuition fee are some of the main reasons why students desire to study in Germany. However, getting into a German medical school is not a piece of cake.

German medical schools receive thousands of applications from high school graduates, every year, to pursue medicine. Only a handful of them gets selected for studying a course in medicine. Most universities have restrictions on MBBS seats for foreign applicants. There are hardly 5% of the total seats meant for international students. 

Do not worry! You can still fulfill your dream of studying MBBS in Germany. Let us see how.

The best part of this opportunity is that you do not have to wait for years to study in Germany. You can immediately take admission to pursue your medical education in the medium of instruction of English. The University accepts students with 70% and above marks obtained in the higher secondary school board examinations.

MBBS in Germany in English

Before you start preparing for MBBS in English in Germany

In fact, while submitting your student visa application, you will not be required to show any evidence that you are proficient in German. Instead, you will be required to submit documents to prove that you meet the required level of English language skills to follow the medical course offered in the medium of instruction of English.

Before you start making plans to study medicine in English in Germany, let us give you some general information. Firstly, it is essential to know about the study pattern. The University’s prime focus is on research, innovation, and a practical-oriented approach. So, rest assured and be prepared to gain practical knowledge in excess during your stint at this university.

When you complete the course after six years, you will be awarded a total of 360 ECTS (European Credit Transfer System) points. You will learn the intricacies of how human bodies function, study human pathology and get a chance to develop and polish your communication skills. It also helps you acquire and develop emotional abilities that will help you deal with patients with empathy during therapy, prevention, and rehabilitation.

Now comes the studying part. The course duration is six years. Two years of pre-clinical studies, and 3 years of clinical studies plus one year internship. 

Well, guess what? It is not compulsory to study for all the semesters. You can pursue some of your education, the first two years, in the German campus and the remaining at a foreign campus but, within Europe.

But, you must also remember that after the preclinical phase, your course will include core subjects. These subjects will be taught in the same campus if you stay back in Germany and you will receive practical training in the German hospitals. 

Studying MBBS in English in Germany gives you a benefit if you do not want to learn the German language before the commencement of your medical studies in Germany. 

It means that even though you will be studying MBBS in English, being in Germany especially for the first two years is an opportunity to take advantage of learning German as it is still necessary to be fluent in German by the time you enter clinical studies from the third year.  

How Can You Study MBBS in English in Germany?

Along with the fact that you can study MBBS in English in Germany, the simple, convenient, and quick admission procedure is the cherry on the cake. So far, you must have only heard that getting admission to a German medical school is tough for foreign applicants due to seat allotments and several restrictions.

But, here is some good news for you. MBBS in English in Germany is the game-changer. It makes it easy for foreign applicants to study medicine in Germany. So, if you wish to study MBBS in English in Germany, here is the ideal opportunity for you. Now the question arises, how can you make it to this? We will take you through the easy admission process. But before that, we need to tell you two more interesting things about the admission procedure that will surely make you feel happy.

The first interesting fact is that you can apply for MBBS in English in Germany even before you finish your higher secondary school. Even if you wish to start your MBBS course one or two years later, you can still send your application and get admission to study MBBS in English in Germany.

What is better than getting admission to study medicine in English in Germany even before you complete your school education? No more worrying about figuring out colleges after you get done with school. You have the option to visit the campus and appear for the interview in person. The better option is to get it done through a video call within the comfort of your home.

Now, coming to the second fact. The admission results to study MBBS in English in Germany are provided within 48 hours after completing an interview and a written test. You must be surprised, right? You do not have to wait for weeks to get a response to your application. Within two days, you will get to know whether you will be studying MBBS in English in Germany or not.

Study MBBS in Germany without having studied mathematics in your 12th grade school education!

The rarest opportunity for those who have studied the subject group of Biology, Chemistry, and Physics but not mathematics!

That too, to study medicine in Germany! Above all in the medium of instruction of English!

Mathematics is one of the mandatory subjects to be completed in higher secondary school education to study medicine in Germany otherwise. All the 35 German medical universities demand mathematics before accepting a foreign-educated student to their medical course.

Almost all the medical universities across Europe ask for evidence for mathematics as a mandatory subject studied in the 12th grade before considering an application to study MBBS in Europe.

Hence it is indeed a golden opportunity to study medicine in Germany in English.

medical students

Cost of studying MBBS in English in Germany

Let us also see how much it will cost you to study MBBS in English in Germany. 

Unlike other public universities in Germany that charge less or no tuition fees to study MBBS in Germany,  you will be required to pay a tuition fee for every semester for the entire duration of the 6 years course of MBBS in English.

For the preclinical phase, the first two years, the tuition fee is €12,500 per semester. 

For the remaining four years, you will have to pay €14,000 every semester.

However, the tuition fee for the clinical phase is lesser in case you choose to study in a foreign campus within Europe.

In the foreign campus, you will have to pay just €3000 each semester. This is very economical when compared with the fees charged while studying in the German campus.

In addition to this, you should also keep in mind that your minimum expenditure while studying in Germany would be €800 every year. But it could be around just 400-500 € in the foreign campus.

Whether you complete your medical course completely in Germany, or in Germany and in the foreign campus, you will be able to get licensed in Germany as a medical doctor once the state examination is passed in Germany.

Once licensed, you have all the options open; start working as a physician in a German hospital or choose to specialise in your desired field of medicine. 


While the admission procedure to study MBBS in English in Germany is much easier than studying medicine in the medium of instruction of German in the German public universities, you have to clear both the interview round and the evaluation test to get admission. 

For all the intense preparation, you need a study abroad consultant to guide you at every step of your application. KCR CONSULTANTS can make sure that you get to study MBBS in English in Germany in a national university. 

Even after you get accepted to the course, KCR CONSULTANTS will be assisting you to apply for your student visa and the necessary arrangements for moving to Germany after getting your visa is granted. 

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