Pathway Programme For Doctors and Dentists in Germany

Inter National Doctor’s programme (IDP)!

Germany is one of the best countries in the world to study, work and live not only for engineers and technicians but also for Doctors, Dentists and other health care professionals?

Do you know that Dentist’s minimum monthly salary in Germany is approximately 4000.EUR and the maximum is 13,800.EUR.

Whereas a medical doctor in Germany earns 65,000.EUR per annum and upto 80,000.EUR by a specialist.

But how to make it to Germany and how to get licensed to practice independently as a doctor or a dentist or do specialisation in your desired field?

If you are a registered professional in your home country or the country of training, and practising currently then you will be considered qualified to proceed further. Qualified, foreign educated doctors dentists are entitled to work as assistants for two years under a temporary work license.

This opportunity helps a foreign educated medical / dental professional to understand the hospital settings in Germany, medical / dental practice in a German hospital, patient’s rights etc, eventually that helps the participant to prepare, sit and pass the state licensing examination for a permanent license.

Option 1: A direct training programme in Germany!

Register with us for a direct training programme offered by a training institution and hospital in Germany.

Start learning German and continue till you achieve the B1 level while in your home country. The best way is learning from a German school online, face to face.

Receive your training contract offered jointly by a German Government approved training institution and a hospital, once you have achieved B1 level skills in German.

Apply for your visa, arrive in Germany, and participate in the training which also includes a work placement.

Option 2: start with the assessment process!

Register with us to process your application to get your qualifications assessed by a competing German state authority.

Once the assessment process is over, the state office will issue a report, an acceptance or a deficiency letter.

In case of a deficiency letter, then the recommendations and suggestions mentioned are very important to proceed further immediately after your arrival in Germany.

Once passed the medical German test in Germany, you will be considered qualified by German hospitals to work as an assistant doctor or a dentist under a temporary license.

The duration of the temporary license is for a maximum of two years. You need to prepare well, during this period and while working, to sit the state examination and pass.

Once you pass the examination, you will be accepted for permanent license to practice your profession independently in Germany.

mbbs in poland

A Grant is available in support of the foreign educated doctors and dentists.

The Grant and its details

  • A German state government Grant is available for qualified foreign educated doctors, dentists and other health care professionals.
  • Those who have received at least a deficiency letter from the state office after assessment is considered qualified to apply for the Grant.
  • The Grant will be applied only while the applicant is in Germany and also enrolled in a training or preparatory programme.

The Checklist to apply

  1. Recently updated CV
  2. Proof of work experience (if applicable)
  3. Registration / Licensing as a medical / dental practitioner ( issued by the medical council)
  4. Proof of internships and practical training
  5. Medical degree and transcripts
  6. Certificate of good standing (usually issued by the medical council)
  7. Birth Certificate
  8. Marriage certificate (if applicable)
  9. Proof of identity ( passport)
  10. Police clearance certificate
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