No Medical Course Seats for International Students in Israel!

No medical course seats for international students in Israel!

From next year onwards, Israeli universities will not accept applications from international students to study medicine-related courses in Israel.

Study MBBS abroad - KCR CONSULTANTSIsreal identifies the shortage of health professionals in the country as a national problem, and the government should address it immediately.

Many are in favour of Israeli students taking up the places than giving them to international students who don’t have any plan to work in Israel for even a day.

By banning international students, most of them from the USA, Israel can create 130 more places for its local students! 

Israel is also planning to create more medical and nursing seats in its universities and encourage more local students to take up their studies and graduate qualified health care professionals.  

This way, they expect to meet the workforce shortage in the country’s healthcare sector, provide better services to their citizens, and protect their well-being.

Many have supported this motion to make it effective from next year.



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