If Europe, and in English, then you should consider MBBS in Latvia!

Folks!! You might have known Latvia as a country, but certainly not as a choice to study.

Latvia is popular for having among the fastest Internet speeds in the world. It is around 13.9 Mbps on average.

So if you are an online nerd, this place can be the perfect choice for you.

But the Internet is not Latvia’s sole magic wand. In this blog, we will help you discover the various attractive points of Latvia and how wise it is to choose it, especially for MBBS in Latvia.

MBBS in Latvia + KCR CONSULTANTSLatvia at First Sight

A lush green country with a rich cultural heritage along the east coast of the Baltic Sea, Latvia was established in 1918 in northern Europe. It is the fourth largest forest country in Europe and is surrounded by Southern Lithuania, Northern Estonia, South-East Belarus, East Russia, and West Sweden. It is the most important forest country in Europe. The country covers an area of 65,590 km2, with a population of about 2.2 million.

The Atlantic winds influence Latvia’s climate. It is estimated to exceed 17°C and 34°C annually. The average rainfall is 500-760mm (20 inches to 30 inches).

The nation gained its independence through the collapse of the Soviet Union. In 2004, Latvia became an active member of the European Union. Latvia is a developed country with Latvian as an official language. It was divided into 119 administrative units, 110 cities, and 10 cities.

Latvia has preserved its language and culture in its diversity through the 13th and 20th centuries. The country is a member of the EU, the Council of Europe, the UN, and NATO.

Now let’s see why studying in Latvia is a good idea.

Riga, Latvia. Towers Of Riga Dome Cathedral And St. Peter's Chur

Why Study in Latvia?


Rich Latvian culture will be one of the obvious benefits of your education. No one knows the potential of Latvia. And that’s their advantage. Still not sure why their cuisines are not famous in the world. You will never forget them once you taste some of their local food. Perhaps German and Russian influences on Latvian cuisine are the cause for this authentic taste. 

Education System 

If you study in Latvia, the government supports some institutions to help students, while certain institutions profit. The country offers a higher education program at the academic and professional levels. Therefore we urge you to enter universities where you can obtain both vocational and academic education. The ‘non-university’ institution, on the other hand, offers only vocational training.

Outstanding Architecture 

We already know the exceptional architecture of all European countries. You’d never hear this before, however. Right? Well, in all European countries, Riga boasts the highest number of Art Nouveau buildings. So while you study in Latvia, you will experience incredible architecture.


We explore the local folks when we visit a new country. We try to understand how people interact, work, and live. If you plan to study in Latvia, you would not have to research the local people. Most of them interact in the English language with a surprising blend of different dialects. However, still few locals converse in the Latvian language where you can learn from them.

https://kcrconsultants.com/student-enquiry-form/Tuition and Living Expenses: 

In some European countries, tuition and living expenses are high, and, in some European countries, tuition fees are cheaper, and living costs are higher. Latvia is an attractive option to study abroad if you do not have a significant budget. Latvian universities offer lower tuition fees to their students, and it is less expensive when it comes to the cost of living than other European countries. You will receive a degree at a low fee even in one of the best colleges in Europe.

No Exam Scores 

Most countries require high scores, but Latvia is different. Students must have a minimum mark of 50%; this is enough. You need not beat the score of 80% or 90%. Thus, you can study in Latvia without any problems if you have secured a minimum of 50%.

No Language Tests 

Though some candidates have good English language skills, they fail to score well in language tests like IELTS and PTE. Thus, they cannot pursue their dream to study abroad. But with Latvia, this is not the case. They only determine if the candidates can speak English or not. If you have even the basic English speaking abilities, you might face no obstacles.


MBBS/MD courses in Latvia are one of the least expensive courses among the leading countries of Europe. Riga Stradins University is probably the most popular university in Latvia, with several research centers and modern MBBS clinics. The institute provides scholarships for medical students and research institutes to create in-depth skills and serve the community. Moreover, it offers an excellent medical education program and a specific batch of staff for training and using modern tools and practices.

Latvia is a secured nation known for inviting international students to education. Universities are widely recognized by the nature of their education and research as an integral part of Latvian college medical education programs. Medical students in Latvia follow a prospectus similar to that of Indian medical schools. The courses are conducted under the guidance of competent experts to acquire knowledge and empowerment skills around the world.

mbbs in latvia

Why You Must Consider MBBS in Latvia?

As discussed earlier, there are several advantages to going to Latvia for higher studies. But, why specifically MBBS? Let’s check it out here!

  • Healthcare and Medical in Latvia

Latvia gained independence in 1991. Since then, it has undergone a series of changes.

The country developed a program similar to the National Service of Health (NHS) in 2011. The NHS manages the implementation of health policy while the Department of Health develops healthcare policies and directs the program.

Latvian medical schools are known for their excellent education and moderate cost. They offer undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctorate degrees. Furthermore, Latvian medical colleges provide medical training, nursing, pharmacy, physiotherapy, and more medical practices. Above all, it has affordable school fees and living expenses.

Moreover, the process for admission to Latvian universities is straightforward. As there are no selection examinations, students can successfully apply for the educational program they want to. Graduates from Latvian colleges are permitted to conduct medical practice all over the world. 

  • MBBS in Latvia: Course Duration

The study period for MBBS is 6 years in Latvia. The following is a detailed description of the MBBS study period:

    • The bachelor’s degree is six years, and the master’s degree is two years.

    • Lessons are taught in English.

    • Students will be exposed to a different training program offered by the University of Latvia of Medicine during their studies.

  • World Wide Recognized Medical Degree

Medical Degree in Latvia is widely known and recognized in various international organizations, such as the International Medical Education Directory, India, United Kingdom, World Health Organization, European Union, and Indian Medical and Dental organization. Similarly, Latvian MBBS colleges offer USMLE (the United States Medical Licensing Examination) arrangements and other medical licensing tests. Latvian medical universities are recognized by MCI (Medical Council of India). Thus, Latvian students are eligible to take part in the MCI test.

  • Quality of Medical Education in Latvia

Latvian MBBS universities offer engaging education programs to provide students with the best possible education. All the teachers assigned in Latvia universities are highly trained to educate and train students around the world. Moreover, the administrative center here allows international students to focus on their courses rather than learning another language.

Each MBBS school in Latvia teaches in English. Well, it does not restrict students from becoming familiar with the local language, too. Latvian MBBS universities prepare student exercises for medical graduates who want to practice medicine at USMLE and PLAB (Professional and Linguistic Assessment Board) in the US and UK, respectively. Thus, doing MBBS in Latvia serves as an entry ticket for every medical graduate looking to practice medicine in foreign countries.

  • The Average Cost of Medical Education in Latvia

In many countries, MBBS is expensive. In Latvia, the cost of MBBS is quite affordable. The MBBS in Latvia costs approximately € 12,000.00 per year in terms of tuition fees.

  • Career Opportunities After MBBS in Latvia

For any medical student, Latvia is a great place to study. After completing MBBS in Latvia, the following are some of the career opportunities one can avail of:

    • You will receive an MD ( Medical Doctor) degree from the university after completing the course.

    • University graduates can work in the United Kingdom, Australia, India, Sri Lanka, Jordan, and Israel after completing the licensing procedures successfully. 

When you hold a medical degree from a Latvian university, you are eligible to work with a high-pay package of remunerations in many countries e.g.; the average initial salary of a physician or a medical doctor is 5,500.EUR per month.

Latvia. Riga panorama from the river side.

Benefits of Studying Medicine in Latvia

  1. High-tech Universities: 

The University of Latvia and the University of Riga Stradins are well-qualified in medical science research. Apart from these, there are several medical colleges in Latvia imparting high-quality education.

  1. Study Model: 

The University of Latvia provides a western-style learning environment with the latest medical and training tools.

  1. Globally recognized:

The Latvia Medical Degree is internationally recognized by the World Health Organization, MCI, and many other international organizations. Students can find assistance and support to get trained for different licensing tests, such as USMLE, PLAB, MCI, etc.

  1. The fair pricing structure: 

No donation needs to be paid in addition to the tuition fees like in many other countries. In Latvia, the cost of living is far lower than in many other European countries.

  1. Language: 

Latvian universities teach in English. Students, therefore, do not have to worry about learning the local language.

  1. No admission exam: 

Admission tests are not required at Latvian universities. Students do not have to worry about IELTS / TOEFL approval. However, students must qualify for medical studies in their countries.

  1. Amenities: 

Students are facilitated with all the necessities in their private hostels. Classes are well maintained. Laboratories and libraries are best known for providing excellent opportunities on the state-of-the-art infrastructure. 

  1. Part-time jobs: 

Latvian medical students are allowed to work part-time for 20 hours a week. Thus, students can make a living while studying in Latvia.

  1. Rich culture: 

Latvia is famous across the world for its UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Besides, this beautiful country is known for its lakes, waterfalls, and art nouveau. Not being crowded with people, students can find Latvia a relaxing city. 

  1. Climate:

Latvia observes warm, dry summers and severe winters. It rains more in Spring and creates a pleasant atmosphere. However, the best time to experience the Latvian climate is between May and September.

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