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Hotel Management & Culinary Arts profession and Skilled Immigration Act in Germany

The act was introduced in March 2020, with the aim of helping German employers to meet the acute shortage of skilled workers in various identified sectors that includes mainly, health care and hospitality.

As per this Act employers are permitted to source, interview, and hire non-EU nationals who are holding a recognised qualification and relevant skills.

The Act also allows and recommends employers to have more apprenticeship positions in their workplace, accept non-EU citizens with minimum academic qualification and even have no relevant skills, e.g. just 12th grade school education completed.


How does it work for a qualified management professional or a chef?

A 3year diploma or a bachelor degree is generally considered a recognised qualification under the skilled category as per the Skilled Immigration Act. Work experience in the relevant field for at least an year can make the application much more attractive and qualified.

Those without any prior knowledge in German are advised or assisted to start with the beginner’s level German and continue till they achieve the intermediate level, (B1 Level).

Those who have B1 Level German skills along with the training contract received from Germany can prepare to apply for a residence permit, and move forward. 

Fresh graduates without work experience are accepted for apprentice training / Ausbildung programme. With regard to German language skills and visa application, the above is applicable as per the current level of proficiency in German.

team cooks and chefs preparing meals

After arrival

You will be received by the training institution’s representative at the airport on arrival, transferred to the pre-arranged accommodation.

You will be helped to start attending the German language course, and  also to participate in the orientation programmes to prepare yourself for your future endeavors. 

Chefs are trained in the occupational language before getting transferred to the workplace, as B1+ level skills in German and participating in a couple of orientation programmes are good enough to work in a kitchen of a hotel or restaurant.

Hotel management / restaurant managers will be required to continue with the language training till they achieve a B2 level proficiency before progressing onto the workplace participation.

Applying for a visa

In addition to your academic & professional qualifications, and German language proficiency test passed certificate/s you will be required to produce a training cum job contract received from Germany to apply for a residency permit visa in the nearest German consulate. 

KCR is an independent career consultant and language training provider having its main office in Chennai. We understand the requirements of all concerned and put forward all efforts to help finding solutions.

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