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"The Government is reforming the student visa system to reduce net migration and tackle abuse. These changes will help achieve this, whilst ensuring the UK maintains a highly competitive offer and continues to attract the brightest and best international students.”

The GOOD NEWS is that the changes will not all affect the degree students studying in the Universities – they will still enjoy all the current facilities offered under the existing law.

The British government confirmed new rules this week that will eliminate the opportunity for non-Degree further education students in FE public colleges from outside the European Union to work part-time during their studies in the UK. In addition, they will be required to leave the country at the conclusion of their studies and will only be able to apply for a work visa from outside the UK. New students in this category enrolled at public FE colleges in the UK will not have the work rights, even part time.

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This new law is only applicable to non-Degree students of FE public college students - NOT for Degree students at UNIVERSITIES.

British entrepreneur and inventor James Dyson wrote in The Guardian at the time of discussions where going on: “Our borders must remain open to the world’s best. Give them our knowledge, allow them to develop their own and permit them to apply it on our shores. Their ideas and inventiveness will create technology to export around the world.”

“Polling has shown that the British public welcomes international students, values their positive contribution and thinks it is only fair that they have the opportunity to work here for a time after they graduate. The consistent message from employers is that they need this steady supply of skilled workers. The country as a whole benefits from the energy of these talented young people…when they leave the UK they become our greatest ambassadors.”

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