The land of ideas; the country of inventions, innovations and researches invites young people from all over the world to study at its Universities, the hub of knowledge and creativity.
An opportunity to study in a German university is the most precious chance to develop and practice your knowledge, skills, flexibility and approach as a Global citizen to the international work place, industry, business, community and culture.

German public Universities are fully funded by the state governments. All the Universities have enough facilities at par with international standard. Germans say there is no official ranking they practice or follow in Germany. Ranking is a propaganda used by some outside agencies for unknown reasons and benefits, otherwise all German public Universities in Germany are considered world class Universities.

University of Applied sciences are the best suggested to those who wish to graduate employable internationally, after completing a Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree in Germany. These Universities, almost two hundred of them, all owned and operated by the state governments, are very popular and reputed for offering practice based education in almost all subjects mainly all streams of engineering and business.

Industrial collaborations are well accepted in German higher education system as the collaborating industries actively participate in the curriculum development. Therefore, the syllabus become well updated as per the current industrial requirements and internship/s become integral part of the curriculum.

Whereas more than a hundred Technical Universities in Germany offer research oriented Master’s degree programmes to those who are very particular about it or going for a PhD programme in future.

Importance of German Language
Those who understand the importance of German language much in advance, will make the real benefit of being in Germany and graduating from a German university. German language is known as the most scientific language in the world. Those Scientists, scholars, Engineers behind the numerous and unique inventions, innovations, researches, contributions, technical findings and many more, were German speakers. Hence all those literature and reports were written in German.
The record shows that almost 50% of those precious documents are still in German, yet to translate in to English or French. German is the most spoken language in Europe and around 185 million people speak German around the world. German companies have very good presence in many countries for example more than one thousand companies are currently operating in various parts of India. Hence those who wish to settle back in their home country after their university studies and living in Germany in future have better opportunities at par with international standard.

Entry criteria
Marks required: Minimum 50% in all subjects


If this makes any interest to you then please fill up the form and submit it, for one of our counselors to get in touch with you sooner than later.

Current Immigration law
As per the current immigration law, international students should have at least EUR 8640 in their account opened in a German bank (Blocked account).

International students are entitled to work for 120 full days or 240 half days in a year while studying in a university, during vacations.

International students can stay back and look for a proper job under a job seeker visa, if at all required, after completing their proposed course of studies in a German University. Even while on a job seeker’s visa, graduates are permitted to do odd jobs.
Those who are offered a proper job in a registered company in Germany are eligible for a Blue card work permit. Those who complete working with a German registered company for a period of minimum two years are considered eligible to apply for PR permit.
Those who know German well are considered most eligible applicants for PR.

What will you get from us
The counselors at KCR CONSULTANTS are well se to provide with a customize counselling as per your current and previous qualifications, current status of employment or and study, family and financial back ground, your ambitions and future plans.
We assist our students to get a conditional admission from a German public University which offers tuition fees free education. Confirmed admission for a university pathway programme.
Counselling, guidance and assistance for a tuition fees free admission for a foundation course in a public institution or guaranteed and confirmed admission for a private foundation programme. ( Applicable to 12th grade passed students only).

Expertise guidance for visa application process.

Booking a guaranteed accommodation or assistance to book an accommodation as per the student’s choice or when the Institution’s accommodation is not available.
Assistance and guidance to process application for admission with any of the 350+ Universities in Germany, in case its required while the student is in Germany, doing University Pathway or foundation / preparatory programme.

Who is eligible?
There are opportunities for all;

▶ Just completed 12th grade
▶ Currently in College; 1year, 2nd year, 3rd year and 4th year
▶ Just completed bachelor’s degree
▶ Working (up to 5year maximum) after Bachelor’s Degree
▶ Master Degree completed
▶ Working after Master degree up to 5 years
▶  Diploma holders who have completed 12th grade school
▶ Degree holders (lateral entry) who did diploma before but with 12th grade school education
▶ Diploma nurses who have completed 12th grade before
▶ BSc nurses
▶ MBBS Doctors (studied in home cuntry or Abroad)
▶ BDS Dentists (studied in home country or abroad)

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