Germany is one of the top most popular higher education destinations among students from India as well as from many other countries. German Universities are highly reputed and degrees from Universities of Applied Sciences and Technical Universities are accepted by employers across the globe.

Germany attracts more international students by reserving 8 -10% of the total seats in every public University, that too @ mostly zero or very low tuition fees. The current law in Germany permits international students to work up to 120 full days or 240 half days every year while studying in a University, during vacations.

University of Applied Sciences in Germany are known for providing practice based education to students and thus popular for generating skillful graduates who are ready for job, upon graduation.

Technical Universities in Germany are the first choice for innovative Master as well as Doctorate degree students due to tremendous research facilities available and support provided.

Germany is a very attractive country which is safe and secured for international students. GERMAN POLICE are reliable and helpful in every situation. International students like any other fellow Germans can move in Germany freely and confidently, whether its day or night.

MADE IN GERMANY is a seal of quality. Germany is undoubtedly known as the world leader in the fields of engineering and sciences. German companies and technologies have very strong presence and influence all over the world. German language is one of the ten most spoken languages, as 185 million people around the world speak German.

Majority of the courses in Germany are offered in German medium but there are many other courses offered in the medium of English as well. We assist students to process their application for admission even with 50% overall marks.

We require detailed and updated history of the applicant and serious considerations are given to the below points before suggesting a suitable course.

• previous and current qualifications
• interest and career / future plan of the student
• preferred medium of instruction
• eligibility or preference to study direct or through a University Pathway programme
• financial back ground of self or family to pay for preparatory course and living expenses while in Germany.

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Those with NATIONAL CERTIFICATE (higher secondary school examination certificate obtained from Central (CBSCE) or / and state board (Matriculation) are admitted by German Universities conditionally, as Germany follows 13 years of school education. Generally, foundation course is offered in TWO semesters that is in one year.

There are MANY options for students to choose from;

1. Get admitted to an English FOUNDATION PROGRAMME and progress on a Degree course offered in the medium of instruction in English. (need to pay for foundation and no tuition fees for the University Degree Course)   Study in English in Germany...

2. Enroll on a PREPERATORY course GERMAN learning and University FOUNDATION in one year to qualify for a Bachelor Degree course, offered in the medium of instruction in GERMAN. ( The entire University Degree Course is tuition fees free but need to pay for the Preparatory course).
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3. Learn GERMAN up to B2 Level in just 7 months through a University Pathway Course offered in Germany to, qualify for a FOUNDATION COURSE offered by the UNIVERSITY / STATE GOVERNMENT Institution (STUDIENKOLLEG) and then progress on a Degree course offered in the medium of instruction of GERMAN. Need to pay for the Pathway course only. The Degree course and the above mentioned foundatation course are offered without any tuition fees. (Here in this option (3), students will have many options of applying to various Universities of Applied Sciences or Technical Universities after achieving B1 or and B2 Level in GERMAN while and after the GERMAN course).

4. Pathway programme of 12 months clubbed with a university admission.
Learn up to c1 level German for a hassle free progression on to the pre-decided university course.



Save time and money by securing admission in to an English-taught preparatory course of 8 months commencing in Jan 2018 and progress on to the Bachelor degree course in the University directly, starting in September 1, 2018.

The courses offered are:

• Bachelor of Business and Engineering
• Bachelor of Logistics
• Bachelor of Mechatronics


Foreign students are permitted to work in Germany, during vacations, 120 full days or 240 half days per year.

students are offered a job search visa for 18 months to look for a job up-on the course completion, followed by a work permit on obtaining a proper job which is relevant to the field of study completed in Germany. Working for a minimum period of two years in Germany helps graduates to qualify to process their application for a Permanent Resident Permit(PR) in Germany in future.

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