Lethbridge College

Lethbridge is in southern Alberta, two hours from Calgary. A safe city (Lethbridge college train police recruits themselves) with a population of 85,000. Lethbridge has just about everything you need, rents are reasonable and the community values students. Lethbridge Transit provides a dedicated route to the college's front door.

Why Lethbridge College?


You’ll learn by doing, in the classroom and, in many cases, through practical experience in industry placements. Lethbridge College’s programs are designed to provide you with industry-standard skills and knowledge, leading directly to employment. Many are industry-accredited, so employers know you are proficient in the skills they require.

You’ll study science on research-grade equipment, or practice your nursing skills on a computerized patient. In many cases, Lethbridge teaches professionals already working in their fields; they demand the best.


You’ll be shown the material that matters to employers by people who have been there, done that, and want you to follow in their footsteps. They take a personal interest in your success and will push you to be your best.

Depending on your area of study, you could find yourself involved in applied research, assisting on projects that will advance knowledge for all. Its real-world problem-solving and innovation in action.


You’ll be coming to a campus with a sterling reputation in the fields it teaches. But you won’t get lost in the hall. And the College provides s the supports you need to succeed and flourish, from academic and personal counseling, scholarships, industry contacts and more.

Lethbridge College has formed several partnerships with industry and the community, a relationship that leads to a greater awareness of the quality of our graduates. Many industries actively recruit our graduates because they know they are educated to their own recommended standards.

Several of our programs have received national accreditation. Graduates who earn those diplomas will find them recognized anywhere in Canada.

Lethbridge’s industry and community partners provide students with quality practicum experiences, ones in which they enhance their learning with real-world experience.

Lethbridge College is involved in applied research in partnership with industry, much of which involves students in a contributing role. Involvement such as this helps build resumes.


One-on-one and group career advising sessions are available to current and prospective Lethbridge College learners. These sessions will assist you in identifying your career goals and developing effective strategies for achieving career satisfaction and success. The assessment process may include the Strong Interest Inventory and the Myers-Briggs Personality Indicator as well as other appropriate tools and exercises. This process stimulates an overall awareness of an individual’s interests and personality type. Information regarding educational programs and occupations will be provided.

You can live in shared accommodations in a way that will give you your personal space, and provide opportunities to make new friends, share expenses, and form good study habits. Or, you can choose a singles unit in our new Kodiak House.

we offer three residences, including a new single-occupancy, apartment-style building opening in the fall of 2010. Four-bedroom townhouses, two-bedroom suites and family units are also available.

New-student orientation: your first day on campus won’t leave you shell-shocked, because we’ll tell you everything you need to know before you enter a classroom.

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