Canadian Education & the Express Entry Program

At the beginning of January 2015, the Canadian government introduced a new application process for international graduates of Canadian universities and colleges wishing to immigrate to Canada: the Express Entry program. Under the new program, international students who have graduated from a Canadian institution are placed in a pool with other groups of skilled workers and prospective immigrants.

Citizenship and Immigration Canada then uses a standardized scoring scheme to determine which applicants to the pool will receive an Invitation to Apply for permanent residency.

Those who receive an Invitation to Apply may then go on to complete the application process via one of several previously established immigration programs.

Overall, the Express Entry program is meant to prioritise Canadian immigration candidates with the highest likelihood of contributing to the Canadian economy and its labour force skills shortages.

Canadian Immigration has also indicated the Express Entry program will lead to shorter application times and better connections between employers and potential immigrant employees.

Express Entry requires students to submit an online profile detailing their basic information as well as their education and employment experience. All profiles are then ranked according to a scoring system that allocates points for each type of qualification or requirement. The scoring system looks at English or French proficiency, education, Canadian work experience, and other factors leading to success in Canada. Candidates can earn up to 1200 points, with points broken down per section of the online application. Express Entry profiles earn a big boost in scoring if they have either a job offer or a provincial or territorial nomination. Either of these would get them 600 points – halfway to the perfect score of 1200.

Education in Canada

Most full-time international students who graduate from their program in Canada are eligible for open work permits through the Post-Graduation Work Permit Program (PGWPP). This allows them to gain experience in the

Canadian labour market, experience that many use to transition to permanent residency.

This means they are more likely than ever to have the skills Canadian employers need. It also means they are more likely to have credentials recognized in Canada and Canadian work experience than ever before, which translates into better results both for newcomers, for employers and for the Canadian economy as a whole.

This is favorable to those in Canada on a postgraduate work permit as they are already awarded significant benefit by the ranking system for their high education, Canadian work experience, strong official language skills, and, more often than not, youth. It is also worth noting that while a valid job offer is an advantage, it is not a mandatory requirement of the Express Entry application system.”

The mechanics of the new Express Entry program are clear: submit a profile, have it scored, receive an Invitation to Apply if you score high enough, and then progress to the Canadian Experience Class process (or to another applicable program under the Express Entry umbrella).

Now choose to study in an approved college or University as per your current and previous qualifications, work experience and future plans.
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