German educated doctors are next to none in the world.

Germany is known for inventions and innovations in many fields including medical science and equipments. Medical practice in Germany is considered, one among the topmost in the world. One should undergo multiple Medical licensing tests / examinations while and after completing the Five year medical degree studies in Germany.

Foreign students with a “National Certificate” of higher secondary school examination from countries like India, should undergo a foundation course before finally admitted to a bachelor degree course in a German University. Hence they are admitted conditionally in the beginning – successful completion of the two semesters International Foundation Course.

The course they study in foundation varies as per the subject line of course of study in the bachelor degree in a German University. Hence those who are intended to study for a bachelor degree in Medicine, Medical Engineering, Bio-medicine, Bio-technology study an “M course” (Medical Course) in foundation.

Note: International foundation and the entire 5 years medical course are offered at no tuition fees at German public Universities.

Since majority of the Universities offering Medical course is not happy with issuing conditional admission letters to an international student while living in his / her home country, many uses to apply for a Bio-technology / Bio-medicine / Medical Engineering course admission considering the fact that the International Foundation Course (M Course) is the same for Medical course as well. Those who are really serious can make it later, while in Germany, to a medical course once B2 Level in German is achieved, or after completing an “M Course” successfully.

Those who wish to study Medical course in Germany in the medium of instruction in English has an option through a Foundation course in English which costs approximately € 25,000 for the tuition alone and then the main course later @ € 35,000 per year, during the next five years.

The other option is to choose to study a Bachelor degree course in health science in English offered @ € 35,000 per year. Once graduated, he / she can apply to any one of the public University offering Medical course in German @ no tuition fees for the entire duration of the course of FIVE years.

THE BEST SUGGESTION : Choose a pathway German intensive course of not less than Seven months in an experienced and accredited language school (paid) in Germany, if not knowing German or with the very basic Level, and progress on to a foundation as sell as the main course in a public University.

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