Medical Education in Europe

Medical education in Europe, USA, Canada and Australia is very competitive considering the entry criteria, syllabus and the duration of the course. High school graduates are accepted in to the 5 years course whereas degree holders in science subject complete it in 4 years through a graduate entry system. All programs culminate in the Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery degree ( MBChB, MBBS, MBBCh, BMed, etc.). This is followed by 2 clinical foundation years; F1 and F2, similar to internship training before considered qualified to register with the Medical Council. This system is generally in place in UK, Australia and New Zealand.

The duration of a medical course in USA and Canada is 4 years. Those with a Bachelor degree, preferably in science are considered eligible to apply for a medical course. Upon graduation medical students are, generally awarded with a MD degree. A graduate will qualify to register as doctor in America after completing their residency in an American Hospital. The duration of residency varies; 2-5 years according to the chosen specializations.

There are many other European countries offering medical degree studies in the medium of instruction in English namely; Latvia, Lithuania, Poland etc. High school students with science back ground and 65% and above marks are generally considered for these 6 year course of 5 year studies followed by 1 year internship.

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