Qualify, Get Licensed and Practice in UK & EU

Chiropractic is offered in a public University in UK as an integrated Masters Degree which is accredited by GCC of UK as well as ECCE of Europe. Hence students will qualify to get licensed up on graduation to practice as a Chiropractic Practitioner in UK as well as in Europe.

Physiotherapists with a Bachelors Degree are accepted directly in to 3rd year of this 4 years integrated Masters course, making it just two years to complete the entire program.

Being in UK helps students –

(1) to be familiar or accustomed with the Hospital settings, ethics of professional practice and patient rights, work place language etc.
(2) to get in touch with HPC to assess your qualifications, and eventually get registered to practice as a Physiotherapist in UK in future.
(3) to start working part time as a Physiotherapist if you are already holding a HPC License and gain local work experience for future employment

Those who choose to study Master in Chiropractic will be benefitted with direct registration as a Chiropractic practitioner / Physician with General Chiropractic Council and / or European Council on Chiropractic Education to practice even independently, in these regions.

The other options to suggest are; MSc in Public Health of one year duration which is also good for those who find difficulty in getting registered with HPC and also broaden the job opportunities in future.

MSc Professional Practice with work placement helps to improve the skills and knowledge to work in an international work place.

Opportunities for Physiotherapists

MSc Public Health       MSc Professional Practice with Work Placement       Master in Chiropractic

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