Migrate to Hong Kong

Hong Kong, a British Colony till 1997 has always been popular for its western-influenced lifestyle. Known as the financial capital of Asia, Hong Kong has been successfully attracting thousands of Foreigners from all over the world due to its high standard of living, opportunities to set up a new business and also with highly paid employment opportunities.

Contrary to the normal thinking, Hong Kong has become more international and a popular holiday destination since joining China. It has a world class tourist infrastructure and large entertainment centres.

Many international businesses and financial institutions are located in Hong Kong. Even after having many industries, service sector is the largest business and biggest employer in Hong Kong. Popularly known as one of the Four Asian Tigers in terms of its rapid industrialization and impressive growth, Hong Kong Stock Exchange is ranked sixth in the world.

English is still considered as the business language of Hong Kong. Knowing a Chinese language will be an advantage.

Quality Migration Admission Scheme

Highly skilled or talented foreign nationals are attracted to settle in Hong Kong. It is a quota based migration scheme of the Government of Hong Kong (HKSAR). Family members, Spouse and children under 18 years of age will qualify to accompany with the successfully accepted applicant.

• All applicants are required to meet the pre-requisites first.
• Those who are qualified are assessed under the points test.
• Selection exercise will continue till a final decision is taken on each individual application.
• The successful applicant will receive an Approval in Principle and invitation to attend an interview in person
• All originals should be presented during the interview in person, conducted in Hong Kong
• If successful, a permit will be issued to stay in Hong Kong under QMAS

Skilled Migration - QMAS

Who is eligible to Apply

• The applicant should be 18 or above at the time of lodging the application.
• Should have good financial back ground to support the stay in Hong Kong.
• Should not have any criminal / adverse record in Hog Kong or elsewhere.
• Good language proficiency in English.
• Academic qualification should be at least a degree from a recognized University.

Please contact us for a free assessment according to your qualifications and the minimum requirements to qualify to apply.

Personalized guidance and assistance are offered to each and every applicant at KCR CONSULTANTS by an expert with more than two decades of experience in assisting people to re-locate and immigrate.

SKILLS IN DEMAND - As per the market survey

Accountancy & Finance: Finance Managers are once again in high demand in the financial services sector and this trend is set to continue due to the further expansion of banks into Hong.

Banking: Experienced Corporate Banking Relationship Managers are in demand, especially those able to bring onboard new clients to immediately impact revenue growth. Those specialising in China are in highest demand due to increasing cross-border trade.

Construction: Structural Engineers are still in high demand, specifically chartered Engineers with strong analytical design experience in complex structural designs. Civil Engineers are also sought after due to ongoing civil infrastructure projects.

Human Resources: With more regional headquarters moving to Hong Kong, employers are increasingly looking for HR Managers with regional exposure. The number of jobs for Payroll Executives is increasing as companies want a dedicated person to take responsibility for payroll.

IT Service providers: Data Analysts are becoming increasingly important for more and more companies. Multinational Corporations are becoming more data-driven in order to analyze and predict future insights into their business operations.
As the industry is experiencing a tremendous growth, Developers and Junior Developers who are looking to sharpen their skills in web development and mobile applications have more opportunities. Skills in Java, C#, C++, PHP and other web base languages are in high demand.

Finance Technology: Project Managers and Business Analysts are in strong demand in specific areas such as Front Office Trading because numerous investment banks and asset management firms are looking to utilize their trading systems to give them a competitive edge.

Insurance: Insurers who are looking to expand their businesses in new markets have to minimise business risk and therefore require risk & compliance talent.

Legal: Increased scrutiny over business practices, particularly in China, and a greater US/UK focus on investigations has increased demand for Lawyers with regulatory and investigations skills within the financial services sector.

Sales & Marketing: Experienced corporate communications specialists with regional exposure are in high demand within insurance and financial services. As are Content Marketing Managers due to the popularity of smart phones and social media.

Office Professionals: Many multinational corporations are now expanding and developing new teams, which is creating high demand for Team Administrators. Also, Demand for Executive Assistants continues to increase as companies set up offices in Hong Kong.

Procurement: Strategic Sourcing Consultants who have the ability to win consulting work and then undertake the management of the contracts are in greatest demand.

Property: The increase in residential projects driven by pressure on the Hong Kong government to provide sufficient housing to Hong Kong residents has created jobs for Project Managers for property developers.

NB: All the above mentioned information regarding skills in demand is part of various marketing surveys and should not be considered as part of any job recruitment.

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